Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Goals Update.

I'm back. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. A) one of your goals was to blog. I didnt know you meant once a month. or B) wow....she is back to say that she failed and will no longer be blogging.

Well.....guess what, the answer is C) I am STILL here. yeah its been two weeks. But hey, there are still 2 weeks in the first month of the year. SO HA...just wait and see.

On a serious note, Yeah, I wanted to blog several times in the last 2 weeks, but I have not been feeling very well. One of these days, I will share some of my health issues....both the physical and psychological ones. Yeah, I am slightly jacked up. So back to the point, I am finally feeling a LOT better. SO, I figured NOW is the time to get back in gear. And what better way then to blog. YAY....for me and YAY for you. Humor me. kay?

Even though I havent been well, I still have managed to get some of my goals in motion.

I have not only stuck with my monthly menu, but I have also been cooking a lot healthier. Lots of fish and chicken and a TON of fresh vegatables. Nice...huh? Honestly, the meals have been amazing. Even Jason who is not a major fan of veggies has enjoyed all the meals. AND get this....he has lost 15 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Crazy huh?? must be nice. lol

Next I have been journaling everyday. YAY ME!!! It hasnt been the conventional know like a diary. Instead, I bought these....

Both are 5 year memory books. One Line A Day (thanks to my friend Allison) is a nice little book where you just write one line....anything that you are feeling everyday. It is not made for book-like journaling. Just a quick line or two (yeah, can you believe that I can do something like that, considering how much I like to type). The other one is Q & A a day....365 Questions 5 years 1825 answers. Each day of the year there is a new question with space to answer for the next 5 years. Some examples of the questions are:

"You are lucky: how so or not so?"

"Today was tough because...."

"Who do you miss the most right now".

Some are thought provoking, while others are just quick, simple, fun questions.

You can find them here.....

YES, OF COURSE they are amazon prime. know me so well.

So, if you are looking for a fun and unique memorymaker, these are perfect. Also, GREAT gifts for friends and family.

I also bought a regular ole notebook to start REAL journaling. We will see what happens with that. lol

hmmm....lets see what else??? nope no date nights. life is still as disorganized as ever. umm....yes, I have kicked the freaks asses butts at a couple of board games and wii games. umm...yep, I still am the queen of procrastination. entertaining at our house. doc appts, no exercise, & no weight loss. my freaks are well....still freaks.

Oh wait, we are working on paying it forward. The kids and I are quite excited about this. We are working on shoeboxes. We dont have much stuff yet, but the target $1 spot has helped a lot. We are trying to make a variety of boxes, both boy and girls, but with all different age groups. We also have another plan. We are starting to work on Blessing Bags. I read about this on several blogs, as well as on pinterest. Basically you keep large ziplock bags in your car to hand out if you see homeless on the streets. The bags can contain an assortment of items that they may be in need of...snacks, change, toiletries, etc. Once we fill a few up, I will blog about what exactly we added and how they turned out. The kids are REALLY, REALLY excited about these.

So there you have it. I am still here. I am ready to get this year going. AND, for once, I am actually excited about it. Check back soon....


Allison said...

I love my one line a day journal!

And the other one looks really neat too. I'm going to have to look for that one too!

Alison said...

you totally need to get it. I really, REALLY like it. :)