Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Goals Update.

I'm back. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. A) one of your goals was to blog. I didnt know you meant once a month. or B) wow....she is back to say that she failed and will no longer be blogging.

Well.....guess what, the answer is C) I am STILL here. yeah its been two weeks. But hey, there are still 2 weeks in the first month of the year. SO HA...just wait and see.

On a serious note, Yeah, I wanted to blog several times in the last 2 weeks, but I have not been feeling very well. One of these days, I will share some of my health issues....both the physical and psychological ones. Yeah, I am slightly jacked up. So back to the point, I am finally feeling a LOT better. SO, I figured NOW is the time to get back in gear. And what better way then to blog. YAY....for me and YAY for you. Humor me. kay?

Even though I havent been well, I still have managed to get some of my goals in motion.

I have not only stuck with my monthly menu, but I have also been cooking a lot healthier. Lots of fish and chicken and a TON of fresh vegatables. Nice...huh? Honestly, the meals have been amazing. Even Jason who is not a major fan of veggies has enjoyed all the meals. AND get this....he has lost 15 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Crazy huh?? must be nice. lol

Next I have been journaling everyday. YAY ME!!! It hasnt been the conventional know like a diary. Instead, I bought these....

Both are 5 year memory books. One Line A Day (thanks to my friend Allison) is a nice little book where you just write one line....anything that you are feeling everyday. It is not made for book-like journaling. Just a quick line or two (yeah, can you believe that I can do something like that, considering how much I like to type). The other one is Q & A a day....365 Questions 5 years 1825 answers. Each day of the year there is a new question with space to answer for the next 5 years. Some examples of the questions are:

"You are lucky: how so or not so?"

"Today was tough because...."

"Who do you miss the most right now".

Some are thought provoking, while others are just quick, simple, fun questions.

You can find them here.....

YES, OF COURSE they are amazon prime. know me so well.

So, if you are looking for a fun and unique memorymaker, these are perfect. Also, GREAT gifts for friends and family.

I also bought a regular ole notebook to start REAL journaling. We will see what happens with that. lol

hmmm....lets see what else??? nope no date nights. life is still as disorganized as ever. umm....yes, I have kicked the freaks asses butts at a couple of board games and wii games. umm...yep, I still am the queen of procrastination. entertaining at our house. doc appts, no exercise, & no weight loss. my freaks are well....still freaks.

Oh wait, we are working on paying it forward. The kids and I are quite excited about this. We are working on shoeboxes. We dont have much stuff yet, but the target $1 spot has helped a lot. We are trying to make a variety of boxes, both boy and girls, but with all different age groups. We also have another plan. We are starting to work on Blessing Bags. I read about this on several blogs, as well as on pinterest. Basically you keep large ziplock bags in your car to hand out if you see homeless on the streets. The bags can contain an assortment of items that they may be in need of...snacks, change, toiletries, etc. Once we fill a few up, I will blog about what exactly we added and how they turned out. The kids are REALLY, REALLY excited about these.

So there you have it. I am still here. I am ready to get this year going. AND, for once, I am actually excited about it. Check back soon....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 12 Goals for 2012!!

Happy New Year!!! Long time....NO blog!!

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. "Here she goes again, her first and ONLY blog of the year. We get to read all of her exciting resolutions, all her new plans and most importantly her excuses!!! Yay for 2012 and Targetmommy's first and LAST blog of the year!!! WOOOFREAKINHOOOOOOO!"

yeah, yeah....been there. Done that. Said that.

BUT, be prepared, THIS time IS different.

Why is it different??

umm....well....because I freakin said it was.

On a serious note, honestly, I dont know why you should believe me. Just do it. If anything else, just humor me. alright??


So, no excuses of how freakishly busy I have been for the last 2012 months. No "new me, new year" bullshit. None of it. I am not saying that I am going to blog everyday for 365 days. I mean, come on, I do have some what of a life, right?? Again...humor me. But I will do my best (yeah, that says a lot) to blog regularly (again...the word of the day.....HUMOR me). I mean come on.....look at me its January 1st 2012...I am here...BLOGGING. WOOOHOOO...I am already 1/1. Batting a freakin 1000!!!

So once again. Happy New Year!! Lets get this year going!!!!

And to start off the year. Thanks to my dear friend Allison (sweet girl, great name, unfortunately, she never learned how to spell her name), I am going to play copy-cat. I am starting my new blog with 12 Goals for 2012.

12 Goals for 2012!!

1) Start blogging again (wooohooo, here we go again. I am 1 for 1) and redesign, makeover my blog

2) Set up a monthly menu (woooohooo...yep, 2 for 2, damn this is easier than I thought).

3) Take care of MOI. I am not saying that I am going to lose 40 lbs (although that would be icing on the icing is going to help me lose 40lbs), but get in shape, exercise, eat right, take my iron (and any other meds that help me to function), make & keep doctor appts., work on my "inner/emotional self (yeah, cheesy), etc, etc.

4) Journal daily. Even if it one single sentence saying "what the fuck??"

5) Work on turning my little freaks into responsible, loving, accepting, compassionate, caring, somewhat intelligent human beings. I know I can do the responsible, loving, caring, blah, blah blah part. The human being part....yeah, they are already screwed. Oh well. But as I was saying.....get them on a schedule, assign chores, make them accountable for their actions, etc, etc.

6) Organize my life....I mean my house. Seriously, put some of my pinterest ideas to good use. What is the purpose of spending 23.5 hours a day on pinterest if you arent going to cook, or bake, or build a freakin house. right??? Organizing also means decorating.

7) Entertain more. No, I am not talking stages and stripper poles. I am talking about having friends over, cook, drink, play games, socialize with real, live human beings that are over 7 years old.

8) Go out on a date with Jason at least once a month. EVEN if it means a lunch or a trip to freakin Menards.

9) Play games.....board games, wii, basketball outside, etc, etc with the freaks. Or have a movie night in or out. They are growing so fast. I need to spend as much time as I can with them.

10) Pay it forward. I have been so blessed in my life. It is time that I do more. Not that we dont donate and help others, but it is time to do MORE. My main goals are to volunteer in the community. I was a teen mom, however I was very blessed to have a wonderful family that helped me survive. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teen moms that do not have ANY help at all. I want to help as many teen moms as I can. I also have a goal of 12 shoeboxes (one a month) to donate next december. Thats just a start. I hope to find many other ways to help others.

11) STOP procrastinating. This is my biggest problem. OMG...if you only knew how bad I suck at this. YIKES.

12) and finally....Figure out what I want to do when I grow up. School, work, buy an island and live a ridiculously lavish life.....who knows???? But, I am ready to find out. At 37....its about freakin time.

2012......Let's Do THIS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

day #11-30........yeah...yeah

SO here we are on the last day of November. AND he were are with only 10 days of thankfulness on my blog. BIG surprise??? AAAAHHHHHH shut it. lol Well, the good news is that I never really stopped adding (well, until the last week)to thankfulness posts. NO surprise, but they are on facebook. I know...I know...I am sorry. The REALLY REALLY awesome news is that I am still going to share with my blog peeps.

Here we go...

day #11....thankful for our veterans! To all that have served, are serving or will serve, I thank you for serving our country, protecting our freedom & defending our rights. I am thankful for your courage & bravery. A special thankful to my dad, big Pa and father in law, Mike. Thank you and God Bless ALL of our veterans.

day #12.....thankful for lunch dates with my hubby. Ever since the last baby started school full time, I craved my Friday lunch dates with Jason. Now, I am even more blessed because we get lunch dates 3 times a week (sometimes more). Lunch dates rock!!!

day #13...thankful for sports! Thankful for watching them, playing them & cheering for my kids. Thankful for the excitement, the challenge, the competition, the skills, the goals, the determination, the athletes & their bodies, being a fan, being a player, the blood, the sweat & the tears. Thank you for scalpers, nose bleeds, and childhood memories. Thank you for Sundays & Monday nights, March madness, the Bowls, Orange & Black Octobers, Championship rings & long ass droughts.

day #14....thankful for sunday newspapers. Especially free ones from our hotel. Target ads & coupons. OH, how I missed the little things for the last 4 years. AND the best part...I can get ALL the hotels extra coupon inserts come Monday morning. YES, it IS the little things!

day #15...thankful for being able to pamper myself. Even if it is with simple things like a grande peppermint mocha with extra whip, one touch service to cancel housekeeping, blackout curtains, king size bed, w/5 down pillows & down comforter & the luxury to nap ALL.DAY.LONG.ALL.BY.MYSELF!!! Aaahhhh....

day #16....thankful for looking at my dirty wedding ring and deciding to get it cleaned. Unfortunately, they couldnt clean it. WHY?? because two of the diamonds are VERY loose. WOW.....I never, ever, ever get my ring cleaned. WHY today??? I think it was a sign. SO thankful because I would have been so upset if I lost them.

day #17.....thankful for my deal of the day.....$2.99 year subscription to Weight Watchers magazine. Cant beat that. I told ya....its the little things!

day #18....thankful for November 18th as two of my favorite people were big sis Dawn and Mickey Mouse! I love you and miss you both so much!!!! ♥

day #19...thankful for Amazon prime! free 2 day shipping. 1 day shipping for $3.99. No minimums. PLUS NO tax! AND some of the best deals. LOVE waiting until the last week of christmas when things go stupid cheap. An "prime" example is when I bought Jayden itouch for $167 delivered (no tax)w/in less than 48 hrs. AWESOMENESS!!!!!

day #20.....thankful for my in-laws. I LOVE them SOOO much. I really have NO idea where the bad rap for mother-in-laws comes from because mine is THE best. They never try to get into our "business" or given unwanted advice. They continue to spoil all of us ALL the time. AND if wasnt for them, I wouldnt have my cute ...little kids. Although, I am still trying to figure out how Jason came from them.

day #21...thankful for a realtor that knows EXACTLY what I want.

day #22...thankful for new brakes. And a bigger thank you because my husband & his friends ROCK!!!! They did all of them for just the price of parts. SWEET!!!!

day AMAZING hotel staff.
They have spoiled my kids SO much w/movie baskets, caramel apples, halloween pumpkins FULL of candy, extra chocolate chip cookies right out of oven & Kay's nightly whipped cream cups.
The housekeepers watch Dom to sure she gets on the bus safely & when it is too cold make her wait in lobby because they are afraid she will freeze.
They have no problems with late night t.p. drop offs. The housekeepers work around my schedule & always make sure the room is perfect. The front desk rocks as well.....letting me use their address for UPS, USPS & fed ex deliveries, evening dropping off the packages in my room when I am out. AND they always let me have the extra Sunday inserts.
EVERYONE always has a smile on their face....from maintenance, to housekeepers, to the dining ladies, to the front desk and office management. A special thanks to Elizabeth for making sure our stay was as close to home as possible and to Jessica for all the hugs and whipped cream cups. Kayla will miss her.
I cant believe that I am going to say this....but I am going to miss everyone here, not just the staff, but the "regulars". Especially Jerome, the sweetest little boy that we fell in love with. So thankful that we were able to make the Homewood suites....our own Home SUITE Home. ♥

Day #24....thankful that my hubby is on his way home. That means we can leave as soon as Dom gets home from school. Now...,hoping for good weather for travelling.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to keep up with my final week of thankfulness. Yeah, nice considering it was THE week of Thanksgiving. OH and I had some things that I wanted to share. BUT NO, it had nothing to do with my normal procrastinating, lack of organizational skills, flakiness, laziness, irresponsibility, carelessness, lack of motivation, etc, etc. REALLY, it did NOT! I was actually sick. It started on our way down to Atlanta and progressed from there. BUT, each day, I DID think of something that I was thankful for. Sometimes, I was drugged up on Nyquil (before we found out it was Strep), so my thoughts might not have been "all there". BUT, they were thankful thoughts none the less. one can say that I am a "quitter" (if thats even a word). My final week of thanksgiving.

day #25....thankful for a safe and somewhat sane 11 hour drive to Atanta. Followed by the most "awesomeness" sister in the world. From what I heard, as I was locked away in the back bedroom, she made an unbelievable Thanksgiving dinner ALL by herself. She also managed to entertain my family and keep everyone sane and happy. Also for Jason who braved Walmart on Thanksgiving day for Nyquil, sprite, fever reducer, etc, etc.

day #26.....thankful for a wonderful sister and husband. Both of them continued to let me moan and groan in the back bedroom AND took super duper care of me with meds, tea, heat, air conditioning, whatever I needed. They took the kids to the Aquarium and Korean BBQ, leaving me with a nice and quiet house.

day #27.....thankful for not losing my mind or the liquids that were in my stomach on the LONGEST 11 hour drive of my life. EVEN more thankful that my husband got us home safely and never once thought about opening the passenger door while driving 75 down the freeway. I guess he likes my whining and moaning.

day #28.......thankful for doctors and antibiotics. NUFF said!

day #29.......thankful for that at least ONE of the 5 of us stayed healthy. Still praying that Dom continues to stay healthy.

day #30........thankful that we are finally on the mend and EVERYONE will be back to school tomorrow. MOST of all thankful that we all made it another month TOGETHER.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

day #10.....hubbys job

day #10....thankful for my hubby's job. I know I have bitched & moaned for the last 11 yrs, but deep down I am SO thankful for his job.Yes,it is time consuming, but then again, he is a work-a-holic. But if it wasnt for his work ethics, we wouldnt be where we are today. I really cant complain, especially in this economy. I have been blessed to be able to stay home with our kids for the last 11 yrs because of his job. ADM has been VERY good to us & for that I am thankful.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day #9.....Our Home

Day #9...thankful for our home. Even though I have bitched, moaned, whined & cried about not having a house & having to live in a hotel, I feel SOOOOO very blessed. No matter where we live, as long we are together as a family, we will ALWAYS have a home. A home is what you make with those people that you love & love you back. We may be houseless, but we will NEVER be homeless. AND for that I am thankful.

Monday, November 8, 2010

day #8....Quality Time with the Boy

Day #8......thankful for a day with just the boy & me. 1st time that just daddy, jay and me had lunch together. Then new Jordans for the boy, haircut and Baskin Robbins. Thank you Carrie for having Kayla over and giving us this time. It's these little things that make me SOOOO very thankful!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day #7.....Sisters....Dawn & Steph

day #7....thankful for sisters, mainly mine, Steph & Dawn. Thank you for being my best friends. Thank you for my 1st tattoo. Thank you for running off softball fields to help me deliver babies. Thank you for sharing your Barbies, even if it was through threats, force or divorce. Thank you for always having a place for us to stay. Thank you for sharing your love of food, shopping & Disney with me. Thank you for yelling every time we swam & getting us in trouble. LMBOPIMP Thank you for putting up with my sarcastic hubby. Thank you for being high maintenance just like me, for I always have a trump card to throw out with my hubby. Thank you for long rides to Aunt Pats that spanned over 4 decades. Thank you for throwing me hundreds of awesome baby showers & wedding showers. Thank you for sharing in my enthusiasm for "$7" sale items. Thank you for the texts of awesome new purses. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleaders.Thank you for the quality time when I "accidentally" locked us in the upstairs bedroom. But most of all, THANK YOU for being the BESTEST SISTAS anyone could ever have. <3