Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 12 Goals for 2012!!

Happy New Year!!! Long time....NO blog!!

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. "Here she goes again, her first and ONLY blog of the year. We get to read all of her exciting resolutions, all her new plans and most importantly her excuses!!! Yay for 2012 and Targetmommy's first and LAST blog of the year!!! WOOOFREAKINHOOOOOOO!"

yeah, yeah....been there. Done that. Said that.

BUT, be prepared, THIS time IS different.

Why is it different??

umm....well....because I freakin said it was.

On a serious note, honestly, I dont know why you should believe me. Just do it. If anything else, just humor me. alright??


So, no excuses of how freakishly busy I have been for the last 2012 months. No "new me, new year" bullshit. None of it. I am not saying that I am going to blog everyday for 365 days. I mean, come on, I do have some what of a life, right?? Again...humor me. But I will do my best (yeah, that says a lot) to blog regularly (again...the word of the day.....HUMOR me). I mean come on.....look at me its January 1st 2012...I am here...BLOGGING. WOOOHOOO...I am already 1/1. Batting a freakin 1000!!!

So once again. Happy New Year!! Lets get this year going!!!!

And to start off the year. Thanks to my dear friend Allison (sweet girl, great name, unfortunately, she never learned how to spell her name), I am going to play copy-cat. I am starting my new blog with 12 Goals for 2012.

12 Goals for 2012!!

1) Start blogging again (wooohooo, here we go again. I am 1 for 1) and redesign, makeover my blog

2) Set up a monthly menu (woooohooo...yep, 2 for 2, damn this is easier than I thought).

3) Take care of MOI. I am not saying that I am going to lose 40 lbs (although that would be icing on the icing is going to help me lose 40lbs), but get in shape, exercise, eat right, take my iron (and any other meds that help me to function), make & keep doctor appts., work on my "inner/emotional self (yeah, cheesy), etc, etc.

4) Journal daily. Even if it one single sentence saying "what the fuck??"

5) Work on turning my little freaks into responsible, loving, accepting, compassionate, caring, somewhat intelligent human beings. I know I can do the responsible, loving, caring, blah, blah blah part. The human being part....yeah, they are already screwed. Oh well. But as I was saying.....get them on a schedule, assign chores, make them accountable for their actions, etc, etc.

6) Organize my life....I mean my house. Seriously, put some of my pinterest ideas to good use. What is the purpose of spending 23.5 hours a day on pinterest if you arent going to cook, or bake, or build a freakin house. right??? Organizing also means decorating.

7) Entertain more. No, I am not talking stages and stripper poles. I am talking about having friends over, cook, drink, play games, socialize with real, live human beings that are over 7 years old.

8) Go out on a date with Jason at least once a month. EVEN if it means a lunch or a trip to freakin Menards.

9) Play games.....board games, wii, basketball outside, etc, etc with the freaks. Or have a movie night in or out. They are growing so fast. I need to spend as much time as I can with them.

10) Pay it forward. I have been so blessed in my life. It is time that I do more. Not that we dont donate and help others, but it is time to do MORE. My main goals are to volunteer in the community. I was a teen mom, however I was very blessed to have a wonderful family that helped me survive. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teen moms that do not have ANY help at all. I want to help as many teen moms as I can. I also have a goal of 12 shoeboxes (one a month) to donate next december. Thats just a start. I hope to find many other ways to help others.

11) STOP procrastinating. This is my biggest problem. OMG...if you only knew how bad I suck at this. YIKES.

12) and finally....Figure out what I want to do when I grow up. School, work, buy an island and live a ridiculously lavish life.....who knows???? But, I am ready to find out. At 37....its about freakin time.

2012......Let's Do THIS!!!!!!!!


John Michael said...

ha! LOL on the name part. ;)

I hope you do blog more!

John Michael said...

ugh, well if you didn't know it's really Allison - that's aLLIson with 2 L's. :)

Alison said...

hahaha.....NO, its one L. Considering I am older, I must be right. lol :)